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Accredited by NAAC
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018

Accredited by NAAC
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018

Manashakti Club

Year of Establishment: 2023

Focal Area: Human Psychology

Establishment and Objectives

Manashakti Club is founded by the students of the Department of Psychology under the guidance of the faculty members. The name Manashakti denotes the power of the mind. The club aspires to foster enriched learning and valuable experiences and establish a resourceful network while maintaining students’ mental wellbeing. The club aims to recognise and provide the best possible assistance for career-related problems, interpersonal problems and self and time management problems through regular interactive sessions and it also intends to conduct playful Psychological events which will help the students, teachers and non-teaching staff to regain their zeal to work which is lost due to repetition of work and monotony and establish social and mental harmony.

The objectives of the Club are:

  • The club aims to provide a platform for budding minds to express their ideas and opinions and have healthy debates and discussions.
  • The club envisions bridging the gap between the ideal self and the real self in students by making them aware of their aspirations and developmental stages through interesting discussions and interactions.
  • The club aims to observe important days and dates in the field of Psychology to make students aware of the historical, present and future prospects of the field. The club aims to promote social harmony and mental harmony by bringing students and teachers together to stimulate academic interests and give valuable experiences and learning through an array of events.


  • An interactive session on “What did you do for the happiness of your inner child?”, facilitated by Dr. Akankshi Srivastava, VCW and Ms. Ooi Sze Jin, Psychologist, A Kind Place, Singapore (13.04.2023)
  • Creative Competition on the theme of Family (22.05.2023, 27.05.2023)
  • Webinar on the Role of a happy family in keeping us mentally healthy, conducted by Prof. Seema Srivastava and Dr. Ved Prakash Rawat (27.05.2023)
  • Web Talk cum Speaking and Poster making Competition on the Role of Environmental Psychology in Enhancing human environment relations, conducted by Dr. Richa Singh and Dr. Ved Prakash Rawat (07.06.2023)


Sr.No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Ved Prakash Rawat Convener
2. Prof. Seema Srivastava Member
3. Dr. Richa Singh Member
4. Dr. Akankshi Srivastava Member
5. Ms. Nishita Member
6. Ms. Shipra Saloni, MA I Student Member
7. Ms. Purva Chakravarty, MA I Student Member
8. Ms. Khushi Kumari, BA III Student Member
9. Ms. Iqra Sheikh, BA III Student Member
10. Ms. Anubhuti Gour, BA III Student Member
11. Ms. Khushi Yadav, BA I Student Member