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Accredited by NAAC
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018

p>Accredited by NAAC
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018

Mission & Vision


“Educational advancement among women is the only means to social reforms… the treasure of Philosophy, Literature, Science, Art must be thrown open to her as to men. …Women’s wisdom as well as men’s is needed to dig deeply and build strongly the foundations of the New India.”

These words of our founder Dr. Annie Besant reflect the commitment of this Institution towards women education as the cornerstone for making a strong and vibrant India.

The college maintains its rich legacy for more than a hundred year. It provides an opportunity to young women for quality higher education and aims to work for an inclusive society that promotes and protects the dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all and in which women would enjoy equal opportunities in professional and public fields. The college envisions women as leaders and aims to nurture educated, confident and empowered women enriched by the love of learning. It inculcates confidence to face challenges, play a pivotal role in balancing a personally fulfilling life along with a strong engagement with the world. While preserving the core institutional values they sustain themselves on a global platform consisting of various cultural milieus.


  • The college runs under the aegis of Krishnamurti Foundation India, a world renowned foundation, devoted to the cause of education. It tries its best to impart education based on J. Krishnamurti’s teachings steering the students towards introspection and self learning and individuals that excel not only in academic but also in co-curricular activities. The college strives to work in an atmosphere where there is no fear, no authority, only love, affection and a healthy relationship, which is the core of Krishnamurti’s philosophy.
  • The college remains committed to developing creative and critical thinking, nurturing innovation and excellence through education. Having faith in the philosophy and vision of J. Krishnamurti, the mission of the college is to prepare ‘Individuals’ as responsible ‘Citizens’ of the ‘World’ and to impart real ‘Education’ to the students who think objectively and creatively.
  • To focus on the holistic growth of the students – academic, social, physical, mental and spiritual.
  • To create and maintain a culturally sensitive inclusive environment upholding core values of respect for diversity in each student through exposure to cultural diversity, languages and human rights.
  • To provide high quality academic programmes, training activities and research facilities and also enriching co-curricular activities linking education to the world of work, employment and communities leading to the achievement of academic and career goals.
  • To promote academic exchange and competencies for new domains of knowledge and the future of work in a globally connected world to collaborate with other academic and research institutes around the world to strengthen the education and research ecosystem.
  • To create a healthy ambience in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish and to prepare students by mentoring for leadership, instilling capacity to explore new ideas and take intellectual risks.
  • To support the learning experiences of students with participative projects and community engagement activities, which contribute to the development of their social consciousness, teamwork, interpersonal communication and relationship skills.
  • To play a catalytic role in developing ecological and ethical consciousness and a sense of responsibility among students for sustainable future.